Welcome to the Open Knowledge Finland 24h planning session 8.-9.12.2017 in Nuuksio


We want your insights! Where are we now, where are we going? JOIN the 24h retreat (at OKFI’s cost) to plan for the future Dec 8-9 in Nuuksio.

Kaipaamme näkemystästi! Missä olemme, minne menemme? Tule mukaan 24h suunnittelutretriittiin (OKFI;n kustannuksella) 8.-9.12. Nuuksiossa.

OKFI is 5 years old! As in the years before, time for a joint intensive planning session of 24 hours! Making sure we collectively take a helicopter view of where we are and where we need to go!

Goals and agenda

  • reflection and having a good time in good company
  • regrouping and team building
  • crystallizing the action plan for 2018
  • crystallizing more long term goals
  • solving and decision-making on SOME pragmatic issues

The key idea is that the program is crowdsourced and co-created to a large extent. Kindly have a look and COMMENT on the agenda! WHAT DO WE WANT TO DO?! Half a dozen sessions have been suggested, but many more needed! Let’s get creative!!!


AGENDA – http://okf.fi/retreat-2017-agenda  – and this is to be co-created!

There will be joint transportations (first leaving at 4 PM on Fri 8.12.) – kindly post any questions to the Facebook or Meetup event below, to the agenda doc, or to teemu.ropponen@okf.fi so the same info can be shared with others.

Sign up and other details

Please SIGN UP at http://okf.fi/retreat-2017-signup, preferably by 1 Dec, 2017.

Cool if you can also show your interest at:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/events/777120042489900/ Meetup – https://www.meetup.com/Open-Data-Finland/events/245105568/

The event will be in English AND Finnish, and who knows, Swedish and Portugese perhaps.