Open Knowledge Festival 2019 planning kickoff Thu 22.11.

Welcome to join us for the Open Knowledge Festival 2019 kickoff at Maria 01, door 5E, room Nudist on Thu 22.11. 17-18:30!

Facebook event:

Finland hosted the Open Knowledge Festival back in 2012 and it was one of the igniting moments from Open Knowledge Finland. The event featured talks, tracks and workshops on a diverse range of issues related to openness such as Open Data, Open GLAM, Open Democracy, Open GIS to name just a few.

Since our good friends at the MyData conference decided to go global with it’s own organization this year perhaps 2019 might be the year we highlight the other cool stuff related to openness that is in the works and bubbling under to reinvent what Open Knowledge and Open Knowledge Finland is all about.

The conference is just an idea now but let’s explore what we’d like to make out of it!

Join the #okfest2019 channel on the Open Knowledge Finland Slack to continue the discussion:

In case you’re not yet on the OKFI Slack, you can get an invite here: