New Digital Rights MOOC

This is the project page for the New Digital Rights MOOC project, that teaches citizens of their new personal data rights through GDPR and MyData frameworks. It is funded by ISOC and made possible with volunteers.

The project kicked off on Thursday (25.1.), we had another preparatory workshop during the International Open Data Day and the first official content creating workshop will be organised on the 28th of March – please join us in improving awareness of citizens’ rights on their personal data!

The outcome of the project will be a MOOC starting in October 2018 in both English ( – Digital Rights for Citizens) and Finnish ( – Digitaaliset kansalaisoikeudet).

What is – Digital Rights for Citizens is a MOOC created by Open Knowledge Finland and funded by Internet Society and Eurooppatiedotus to help citizens understand and execute new rights in daily life.

Who is this for?

Digital Citizen Rights can be complicated but we’re working on putting their essentials in a language anyone can understand.

You don’t have to be a lawyer to take to course but come as yourself, an average citizen interested in having more control over your online life.

This course is for you if you’re thinking about questions such as:

  • How can I stop irrelevant telemarketing?
  • Why and how do companies use my Loyalty Card data?
  • How can I find information on how organizations use my data?
  • What benefits could I receive if I was able to receive my data?
  • What would a society look like where I would be able to transfer My Data as needed?
  • When can I join in?The first opportunities for taking the course will be in October 2018.Kurssin voi käydä myös suomeksi -sivustolla lokakuussa 2018.

    Outcomes for learners

    Upon completion, learners will be able to:
  • Understand what are the new digital rights and why should we care
  • Have an idea of how to find out what an organization is using your data for
  • Understand what types of personal data the organization is collecting
  • Gain access to personal data
  • Erase personal data from unwanted parties
  • Evaluate what type of benefits you might get from your personal data
  • Understand cases and examples from different industries
  • Get a glimpse into to future of the personal data society and understand the MyData and data portability opportunity

    Course Modules

    1. Introduction – Landscape of personal data (personal data canvas) 2. GDPR in a nutshell / basic concepts 3. Exercising digital rights in practice 4. Digital rights and GDPR in your daily life (transport, education, energy, health, Human Resources) 5. Special digital rights (e.g. kids, death, algorithms) 6. The Personal Data Society: An Introduction to MyData

    Join us in delivering a great project that benefits us all

    Your insights are needed! Join in the discussion! We use especially Facebook and Slack as our key channels for discussion.
    On Facebook: join the GDPR for Citizens group. On Slack: join the Open Knowledge Finland Slack – and join the channel for this project.
    Project documents on Google drive Trello board For this, you need to be added into OKFI team. You can send Raoul Plommer, Mikael Seppälä or Teemu Ropponen email about it: