Liity jäseneksi – Become a member

Mikäli et ole vielä yhdistyksen jäsen, mutta haluat liittyä ja olla näin mukana tukemassa suomalaisen avoimen tiedon yhteisön kehittymistä, täytä liittymislomake – suosittelemme toki lukemaan myös yhdistyksen säännöt. Hallitus tekee päätökset jäsenhakemuksista seuraavassa kokouksessaan. Yhdistyksen jäsenluettelo on julkinen ja sen pohjalta päivitetään jäsenkarttaa. Tutustu tietosuojaselosteeseen.

If you are not yet a member and wish to further the development of the Finnish open knowledge community, fill out the application form – kindly also read the bylaws of the association (now only in Finnish). The board decides on new members in its next meeting. You can also subscribe to our newsletter. The list of members is publicly available and the list is used to update the member map.

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Muissa jäsenasioissa voit olla yhteydessä jäsensihteeriin

Yhdistyksestä eroaminen/jäsenyyden päättäminen. Jäsenyys päättyy, kun jäsen ilmoittaa tästä yhdistyksen jäsensihteerille sähköpostilla

It’s now possible to support Open Data and OKF financially – your support is highly appreciated!

Based on the new rules and autumn meeting, we can now have membership fees for those who want to support Open Knowledge Finland financially. We will continue to have a free membership as one level, but also encourage members to pay a small fee – which is to be used towards particular causes. We are also offering support membership options to individuals and organizations that want to support our efforts.

Membership fees for regular members / individuals:

Free membership 0 eur/year Normal membership 15 eur/year Higher option 50 eur/year Highest fee 100 eur/year

You can pay the membership fee that you would like to support OKFI with by buying the membership product that suits you in our Holvi Store:

The membership fee paid in Holvi does not create any obligations for you meaning that you do not have to revert back to the free membership.

Membership fees for supporters / organizations:

Basic supporter fee: 100 eur/year Second support fee level: 500 eur/year Third support fee level: 1000 eur/year Highest support fee: 5000 eur/year

If your organization is willing to become a OKFI supporter we hope to kindle a long term relationship with your organization. Supporters will be offered visibility on Open Knowledge Finland’s web page and the ability to provide feedback on the topics they wish OKF would focus their efforts on. The supporter fees will be billed yearly using the billing information you provide us.

For your organization to become a OKFI supporter, fill in the membership form choose “Jäsenyystyyppi: yhteisöjäsen” and we’ll get back to you for a discussion on your desired supporter fee level and how we might help your organization.